SizeGenetics : An Amazingly New way For Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is something that gets a majority of men interested, however very few of them are willing to talk about it openly. The fear of being ridiculed keeps many men away from the discussion as what are the best methods to use for penis enlargement. In the background of this scenario the following write up aims to discuss issues on penis enlargement using one of the most significant methods in the market.

A regular use of sizegenetics has shown great results in almost 80% of men that have tried the product.

Sizegenetics uses an amazingly patented sixteen comfort system which is designed to fit different types of penis sizes and shapes. You do not have to worry whether your penis long or short, fat or thin, wide or slim, the sizegenetics system fits in a way that offers the best comfort for your penis.

The treatment method of sizegenetics also includes a variety of exercises that are needed for optimum results. Theses exercise have to performed over a couple of weeks in order to get the desired growth level for your penis.

With the use of sizegenetics you need not go in for any kind of penis enlargement surgery as it is a system and method that is complimented by many expert surgeons around the globe.

The sizegenetics device is made of material that is of high quality medical grade and is pretty safe and sound for use. Moreover it has an amazing durability levels to last you for the course of the entire treatment program

Reports from recent studies have shown that men who used sizegenetics have noticed a significant growth in their penis over different time periods. In about two months of time men reported a significant 13% increase in their penis size while those who persisted with it for four months saw their penis grow by atleast 16%.

A complete six months of treatment with the use of sizegenetics devices has reported a penis larger by 29% than its original size six months back. Now this is really an outstanding achievement for any penis enlargement program.

Moreover the manufacturers of sizegenetics also do offer a complete money back guarantee if one fails to notice any signs of growth in his penis size after six months of use.

However if you are considering just a short term use of the sizegenetics devices then your penis growth may end up being highly inconsistent. One has to use the device as frequently as possible in a week and has to carry on the treatment for months in order to maintain the new penis size.

In all it is an amazing product for those men looking to find a new way of penis enlargement after having been disappointed with various forms of treatment. The sizegenetics device though cannot operate and do wonders on its own.

The user has to be serious and willing to dedicate himself to the task of penis enlargement. If you fail to show high dedication levels there are chances that the sizegenetics product which has worked so well for other men may not work for you.

I got my SizeGenetics penis extender from my local store that sell adult toys in Washington, but you can also buy them online.

ProSolution Plus- The best male enhancement pills?

There is no best penis enlargement pill. There is only the best pill for your personal penis enlargement. While there are many seemingly identical penis enhancement pills on the market today. Each one has its own pros and cons. The choice for a penis enlargement pill is highly individualized based on family medical history, current health, as well as your current size.

The way the pills work, is they allow more blood to flow into the penis, more specifically the Corpora Cavernosa. This makes the penis both longer and harder during an erection. Each pill works differently and there is no way to know how it will work until you try it.

When looking at penis enlargement pills, you should take many aspects into mind. Some pills only provide temporary results, while some are permanent. Price should also be taken into the decision. More expensive permanent pills will be more of investment than cheaper temporary pills.

You should also examine the side effects that are associated with each pill. Health risks are the number one reason most men don’t use penis enlargement pills and go for penis traction devices. Based on studies, the health risks are very low. If you do experience any abnormalities it is best to discontinue use and seek medical advice.

Consulting a doctor or health care specialist can also aide in your search. Especially if you have a troubling family medical history or past medical complications that could lead to an increased risk of the complications related to male enhancement pills. Penis enlargement pills do work, you just need to find the one that works for you. I would highly recommend to visit ProSolution pills website first.

Penis pump for penis enlargement

There are many reasons for men wanting to enlarge their penis. Many men think they have smaller penis than average and it is the reason their partners feel not satisfied with them. Therefore, the ways to increase penis size is one of the most popularly searched keyword on the internet. One of the easy ways to do this without affecting body with any external drugs, pills or uncomfortable exercise is via penis pump.

Benefits and prime uses of Penis pump

Penis in a man’s body is erected on increased flow of blood pressure towards its muscle. It makes the muscle more firm and rigid. Penis pump directly copies this natural process for increasing the size. In penis pump, there is available a chamber which is required to be placed over the penis. After placement, air is sucked with pump. The air creates a vacuum like environment incised chamber which effects in increased blood flow in penis increasing its size. In order to maintain the size, the penis pump assembly comes with a ring which keeps blood flow from returning. The ring can be removed easily when erection is no longer needed.

Different kinds of Penis Pump

Penis pump come in many different types available in the market. However, most of the types work on the same mechanism. The only difference in different types of pump is in their design and size. Different types of pump available include bulbous type pump, plunger, trigger and other such types. There is available quick release pump in which air is removed quickly to put a finger and achieve quality results. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunctions also use the pumps. It is the condition in which men do not get an erection due to medical reasons or due to inefficient blood flow around the muscle of the organ. Using a penis pump in such condition helps in activity.

The pumps are also helpful for women with breast enlargement. The chamber in pump can be used to enlarge nipples; however, there is no easy way to maintain the blood pressure for women than in men’s case. Due to these women use these pumps more as a fun activity than to achieve anything serious. However, the pump does allow women to maintain a constant size and increases the blood flow activity, which indirectly helps in breast enlargement over a long term time.

The pump being a device directly related to reproductive organ of the body requires deep cleaning after use. Proper cleaning and maintenance should be done to avoid infection and other medical issues with the reproductive organ. The pump air pressure created is used as a fun experience for men to do a single activity on their own. There is inbuilt motor also available in some of the pump types, which can be utilized to maintain efficient flow of blood in muscle and tissue around reproductive organ.

The pumps are available in different sizes as per specific man organ size. Before using these pumps, one must check with doctor if you are suffering from any reproductive organ related medical issue. In addition, one must avoid using pumps along with enlargement medicine at the same time as it can be dangerous for muscle and could burst damage them on over exertion. Therefore, precautions must be taken as mentioned by the pump provider.

3 Effectie Penis Exercises For Penis Enlargement

When it comes to performing penis exercises, there are plenty of vital aspects that must be taken into consideration. Due to the astounding development in science, and technology, there are various techniques by which you can enhance the penile length and girth. However, the best method to increase your penis size is to undertake penis exercises. Considering the fact that they are convenient and fairly easier to undertake, they can help increase the length and girth of your penis to an appreciable extent. This article 3 productive penis exercises that can really help you enhance your penis size and achieve desired results, in terms of size.

If you are interested in this subject, then chances are that you may have heard about fundamental stretching exercises that are being used to support penis enlargement. In this workout, you will be required to stretch your penis for 10 seconds. But, unlike other methods, in this case you will need to rotate your penis while stretching it.

Jelqing is an age-old exercise that will need semi-erection, plus some lubrication. In order to perform this exercise, you will be required to massage your penis by pulling it out from the base. Though this may seem like masturbation to you, you will actually be pushing the blood from the start of the penis toward its tip. While there is no limit as to how many jelqs you could accomplish in one day, it is recommended that you start slow and then work your way up. you can read more about Jelqing here.

Attaining control over your penis is important. In Kegel exercise, you will need to learn how you could control the muscles that can stop your urine flow. After that you have figured out how these muscles work, make sure to contract them 20 to 30 times daily, while adding more contractions as time goes by. This will help you increase the size of your penis.

Penis exercises with male enhancement pills

It is adviced that you perform the penis exercises while you take male enhancement pills for extra good results. I recommend Male Extra pills and you can read more about here.

Penis Enlarger-Vacuum Constriction Devices


Many men are disappointed by the size of their penises. As a result, a majority of these men have tried or are in the process of trying various penis enlargers. There are many ways that men use to enlarge their penis that include the use of creams, penis surgery, horrific-looking devices, brutal stretching exercises, penis pills, and vacuum pumps. However, most of these methods do not work; only a few work like vacuum constriction pumps.

Vacuum constriction devices

These are external pumps that have bands on them. Men who have erectile dysfunctions or who want to enlarge their penises use vacuum pumps to get and maintain erections. These devices have acrylic cylinders with pumps that may be attached to the end of the penis in a direct manner. They have bands or constriction rings that are placed on one side of the cylinder, which is applied to the body. Both the pump and the cylinder play a significant role in creating a vacuum that helps the penis to become erect. The constriction ring or band on the other hand plays a key role in maintaining the erection of the penis.

Working of vacuum constriction devices

  • First, place the pump over the penis. This pump can either be run on batteries or pumped by hand.
  • Secondly, create a vacuum inside the cylinder by pumping the air out of the cylinder. The vacuum that is created is of considerable significance since it draws blood into the shaft of the penis. Following this, the penis swells and become erect.
  • Thirdly, use a lubricant to slide the constriction band or ring down the lower end of the penis. This should be done only when the penis is erect.
  • Lastly, release the vacuum before removing the pump.

You can have a sexual intercourse when the constriction ring or band is in place; this helps maintain the erection of your penis. Indeed, you can leave the constriction band on safely for approximately thirty minutes in order to achieve a successful intercourse. A person should ensure that the constriction device has a quick release before purchasing one.

This is because some of these devices do not release vacuum on-demand or release vacuum slowly; hence, they cause penile injuries. Despite this, most constriction devices work well. In fact, about fifty to eight percent of men have reported success of vacuum constriction devices.

Men who are best suited for vacuum constriction devices

Any man with a dysfunctional erection can use these devices. Such a dysfunctional erection may be due to diabetes, psychological issues like anxiety, surgery for colon or prostate cancer, or poor flow f blood to the penis. However, men with certain disorders like significant congenital bleeding or disorders that cause priapism should not use these devices.

Side effects of vacuum constriction devices

  • The penis may develop a purple color
  • They may make the penis to be cold or numb
  • They may lead to dramatic decrease in the force of ejaculation
  • The shaft of the penis may have a blue and a black mark.


Why Penis Size Matters

With more research and statistics available today, it has been proven that penis size is of critical importance in any intimate relationship as it directly affects self-confidence, self-esteem, sexual fantasies and stability of any relationship or marriage.

Sexual intimacy is one of the anchors of any stable relationship or marriage. A recent study conducted in the US found out that most partners in relationships cheated due to lack of sexual satisfaction. Men with small penis sizes usually find themselves a little bit troubled when it comes to having intimate relationships. This is because they feel that they are not up to task to sexually fulfill their partners.

This results in decline in their self confidence

With the availability of several penis enlargement products in the market today, men can now enlarge their penises. it is however advisable for men wishing to increase their penis sizes to select enlargement products that are safe, trusted and proven to work.

Why Penis Size Matters

Male Extra review

In this Male Extra review we can make a decision whether or not Male Extra is actually worth buying. It is a mixture of penis enlargement pills as well as the Penis Health exercising course. The pills have an original ingredient which is not present in additional male enhancement items. The element is Pomegranate 70% Ellagic , that has been well known for quite a long time like ”Nature’s Viagra” .

How Does Male Extra Perform?

The pills boost the dimensions of the corpora cavernous, that is the section in the penis that retains the blood. Erections take place since blood runs into this chamber. The dimensions of the penis rely on the size of the chamber. As more blood circulates into the corpora cavernous, its tissues are enhanced and they break away. They consequently multiply as well as grow, leading to a bigger as well as longer penis.

The pills additionally contain elements that positively effect sexual health. We’ll check out some of the elements later. Along with elongating the dimensions of the penis , the pills additionally improve libido , magnify erections as well as enable you to develop amazing strength – you could be more energetic , along with gratify your partner more .

Individually, I think that penis enhancement pills, just automatically, cannot assist to achieve considerable benefits in penis size. But, when they are taken out when you are applying additional penis enhancement strategies simultaneously, such as applying penis enlargement workouts and/or an excellent penis extender.

Male Extra Ingredients

The pills are manufactured from several fresh , organic ingredients . Let’s consider some of those: Pomegranate, Ginseng as well as Muira Pauma.

Pomegranate 70% Ellagicis certainly one of the unique elements in the pills. However, this is not like the one you consume, it is special-you must drink 500 or even more of the one you know about , to have the similar advantage since the one in Male Extra .

Pomegranate is regarded to be full of antioxidants, which magnify the circulation of blood to the penis.

Muira Pauma helps you to make sure much more erections, an intensified libido as well as higher frequency of sex.

Jes Extender test

jes-extender-testDo you feel that your penis is not of the right size as you ought it to be? Do not ask yourself lot of questions anymore on what you are going to do to improve the size of your penis so that it can perform its work during sex very well. JesExtender founded back in 1994 is the solution for you. With the discovery of JesExtender there has been a positive revolution all over the world in penis enlargement. It is clinically and scientifically tested and has produced amazing, accurate and excellent results.

JesExtender is a treatment which is going to increase the size of your penis easily and comfortably. As we are speaking right now, there are more than 100,000 satisfied men who have used the product before. It is currently a top choice for all the men worldwide who look for safe ways of enlarging their penis. It extent length of your penis without any surgery. It uses the method of traction which is in a position of increasing your penis by 24% the original size.

JesExtender is guaranteed and number 1 classified medical tool. The product is shipped all over the world. It has a European certificate since it means the standards of European Union. Choose the product today and realize the best results within short period of time. For more information feel free to visit the website www.

Jelqing Exercises – Natural Male Enhancement for Penis Enlargement

Jelqing is an important exercise in the enlargement of the penis. It is all natural and easy to do at home. It is a cheaper alternative for penis enlargement than other methods of penis enlargement such as pills, surgery or penis pumps.

All you need is your hand and some form of lubrication. The fact that it is just exercise means no risk of side effects associated with other methods of penis enhancement. The thing about jelqing is it is a step by step procedure and the necessary steps have to be followed. If it is done in the wrong way then it is just a complete waste of time.

The following is a step by step guide on how to properly conduct jelqing:

  1. Before you conduct the exercise you must lubricate the penis. You can just use normal Vaseline, baby oil or any other penis lubricant.
  2. The penis must be at an erection level of from 50 to 75% before you can start the exercise. To get the penis to this level of erection, lightly stroke it. For the exercise to work, you penis has to be relaxed and not fully stiff so that the blood can flow easily through it.
  3. The OK-grip. Put your fingers to an OK position to perform the exercise. This is the ideal way to grip the penis in contrast to using all the fingers. The OK-grip ensures blood is pushed to where it is needed.
  4. Place the OK- grip at the base of the penis. This is where you must start from. Place the OK- grip at the base of the penis close to the pubic bone.
  5. From the base of the penis move the grip up the length of your member. The point is to push blood up your penis therefore grip the penis in such a way that is firm but does not hurt. This is for maximum efficiency.
  6. Stop the OK- grip just before the glans of the penis. This constitutes a full jelq. So just before reaching the glans break up the OK-grip. It should take you about 2-3 seconds to complete a jelq.
  7. Take your other hand and repeat the same process.

It is also important to do the exercise routinely and to follow the routine. For the first week take one five minute session and get in about 100 strokes. Then increase the sessions and number of strokes as you go on. Jelqing should be implemented step by step dutifully for best results.

Like any other exercise it is important to warm up before conducting the exercise. Make sure you warm up your penis before starting the exercise. You can warm up using a sock filled with hot rice, take a hot shower, use a heating pad or wrap a warm towel around the penis. Warming up ensures that the penis does not get injured during the whole exercise.

The beauty of jelqing as a penis enlargement method is that it is simple but notoriously effective. It increases the penis length and girth significantly as well as improving the ejaculation responses. It is the most recommended exercise for penis enlargement.

Extenze Trial – Precautions Before You Try that Trial Pack

What if you will be offered a 4-day Extenze trial pack for more or less $20? You are dying to try Extenze but you are not sure if it will be a good investment to spend at least $59.95 for a month`s supply of this pill. You`ll probably love this offer if you just want to give Extenze a try.

Now, what if you will be offered a 7-day Extenze trial pack for FREE? All you have to pay for is the shipping. Will you take it or let the chance slip off your hand? Like most men, you will most probably take advantage of this chance. After all, you`ll only have to pay for the shipping.

What most men do not know is that there is a catch in these promos.

Extenze Trial Offers Are Bait

Although some Extenze resellers are really promoting the product through Extenze trial, some of these are not. They only want to get your credit card number so they can automatically bill you for a monthly Extenze supply.

This deal is fine if you were pleased of how the pill works for you. But you`ll be on the losing end if you happen to order the counterfeited Extenze. Aside from never getting any positive effect, you are at risk of suffering intense side effects from the fake pill`s dangerous contents.

In this case, men will try to stop the automatic billing only to find out that doing so is almost impossible. Lucky are those who used debit card because they can easily withdraw all their money from the card and close the account. What about those who used credit cards? Usually, they are continuously billed for more Extenze. Auto-billing will only be stopped after several requests from the customer.

Four Tips for Avoiding Troubles from Extenze Trial Pack Offers

See how much trouble you can get in just for an Extenze trial pack? Fortunately, you can avoid experiencing such a mess.

First, never get any Extenze trial pack no matter how cheap or free it is. Always think twice before revealing your credit card number. It`s very easy to fall as victim but it`s difficult to get out of that mess. As the common saying goes, “prevention is always better than cure.”

Second, get Extenze only from reputable websites. These websites are established enough to fool you. For instance, instead of buying from just any affiliate websites, better buy from the official website. You may still buy from affiliate sites but make sure that it`s a real affiliate of the official website by checking if the order link is directed to the official Extenze website.

Third, never get short-term Extenze trial packs. The manufacturer itself recommends using the product for eight weeks to gain the best benefits from the product. Therefore, offering a four-day trial pack will generally never give positive effect for the user. Instead of promoting the product, the company will only taint the product`s reputation in the market.

Fourth, do your homework before spending even a single cent for any Extenze trial. You will never be a victim if you are geared with information on how to detect fake trial offers. A website will never auto-bill you if they explicitly say that on their website.

The presence of Extenze trial packs is very beneficial for men who only want to give Extenze a try before investing more money to it. You can still do that by following the precautions discussed above.