Jelqing is an important exercise in the enlargement of the penis. It is all natural and easy to do at home. It is a cheaper alternative for penis enlargement than other methods of penis enlargement such as pills, surgery or penis pumps.

All you need is your hand and some form of lubrication. The fact that it is just exercise means no risk of side effects associated with other methods of penis enhancement. The thing about jelqing is it is a step by step procedure and the necessary steps have to be followed. If it is done in the wrong way then it is just a complete waste of time.

The following is a step by step guide on how to properly conduct jelqing:

  1. Before you conduct the exercise you must lubricate the penis. You can just use normal Vaseline, baby oil or any other penis lubricant.
  2. The penis must be at an erection level of from 50 to 75% before you can start the exercise. To get the penis to this level of erection, lightly stroke it. For the exercise to work, you penis has to be relaxed and not fully stiff so that the blood can flow easily through it.
  3. The OK-grip. Put your fingers to an OK position to perform the exercise. This is the ideal way to grip the penis in contrast to using all the fingers. The OK-grip ensures blood is pushed to where it is needed.
  4. Place the OK- grip at the base of the penis. This is where you must start from. Place the OK- grip at the base of the penis close to the pubic bone.
  5. From the base of the penis move the grip up the length of your member. The point is to push blood up your penis therefore grip the penis in such a way that is firm but does not hurt. This is for maximum efficiency.
  6. Stop the OK- grip just before the glans of the penis. This constitutes a full jelq. So just before reaching the glans break up the OK-grip. It should take you about 2-3 seconds to complete a jelq.
  7. Take your other hand and repeat the same process.

It is also important to do the exercise routinely and to follow the routine. For the first week take one five minute session and get in about 100 strokes. Then increase the sessions and number of strokes as you go on. Jelqing should be implemented step by step dutifully for best results.

Like any other exercise it is important to warm up before conducting the exercise. Make sure you warm up your penis before starting the exercise. You can warm up using a sock filled with hot rice, take a hot shower, use a heating pad or wrap a warm towel around the penis. Warming up ensures that the penis does not get injured during the whole exercise.

The beauty of jelqing as a penis enlargement method is that it is simple but notoriously effective. It increases the penis length and girth significantly as well as improving the ejaculation responses. It is the most recommended exercise for penis enlargement.

Jelqing Exercises – Natural Male Enhancement for Penis Enlargement

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