Vigrx Penis Enlargement Pill Transforms into a More Potent Vigrx Plus Pill

The Vigrx pill has already been enjoying great preference in meeting penis enlargement needs of many men who feel that they need some extra inches for better sexual performance. And to make the deal even better, Albion Pharmaceutics recently made the Vigrx pill even better by adding more ingredients, making it more effective in increasing penile length and girth, boosting libido and making orgasm more intense.

Albion pharmaceutics has been enjoying a high reputation after introducing their highly effective natural Vigrx pill some time back and for the past 10 years, it has been running research activities to make the pill more effective while keeping the side effects on the low.

What exactly has been added?

Vigrx Plus enjoys three more ingredients including BioPerine and Damiana extract while still enjoying all the ingredients featured in the precursor Vigrx pill. However, the most potent ingredient that has been added is BioPerine.

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According to scientific research carried out on BioPerine, results showed that it significantly promotes bio-availability and absorption rates of drug and herbal extract components in the body system. With this idea in mind, Albion blended the Vigrx pill with BioPerine to yield the new Vigrx Plus Pill which has significantly boosted the potency and efficacy of this penis enlargement pill.

With the increased Bio-availability and absorption rates, increased blood flow to the penile tissue and extra toning of the penile muscles is realized, a feature that makes BioPerine be a highly potent ingredient in this pill.

The nerve function is equally boosted making the intimacy and the intense of organism during climax even more overwhelming. Additionally, the inhibitory effects exerted on the brain’s center that stimulates sperm duct contraction and penile muscle contraction during ejaculation prevents premature ejaculation, making one enjoy the sexual intimacy with his well-sized, hard and super-sensitive penis for a longer time.

However, while the extra inches acquired may not fade away after one stays for a long time without taking the pill, the extra sensitivity may not be sustained its peak at such times.